Calibration Management Program

Quiktip Tools & Connectors

QUIKTIP is a convenient, efficient and inexpensive method for forming thermocouple sensing junctions. With a Quiktip connector and a precision-engineered, hand-operated pressure tool a quality sensing junction can be made in seconds. An inexperienced operator can easily form a consistently uniform thermocouple junction time after time. The tools are inexpensive. No hazardous equipment is involved. Twisting and welding operations are no longer required.
The Quiktip connector is a nickel collar which slides over the paired wires. A precision pressure tool is available to “squeeze” the connector and wires together in a pressure fit.

Available Quiktip Connectors:

The 064146 tool is designed for use with 14 to 30 AWG wires and contains a ratcheting arrangement that insures a solid junction by preventing the jaws from opening until the tool has been completely closed.