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Dimensional Calibration


From micrometers, ring gages, thread gages, plug gages and length rods to most other measuring tools and standards, Process Instruments goes the extra mile to ensure you get excellent accuracies.

With a dimensional lab precisely held at 20.0°C, each of your tools is cleaned and inspected as part of its calibration. Your tools are adjusted for best accuracy at no additional charge and you get calibration data and recall notification as part of your service.

Gage Blocks

With standards calibrated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), you get guaranteed traceability when you use Process Instruments’ high precision lab for your gage block calibration needs.

Using Best of Class Mahr-Federal gage block comparators, quick results keep turnaround time to a minimum when calibrations are pre-scheduled.


Handled by technicians with years of experience in precision calibration and expertise in real-world measurement applications, damaged tools can be repaired and restored to their original performance often for a fraction of their replacement cost. And, best of all, you’ll get your tools back in a matter of days instead of weeks.

Customers additionally get free recall and data management. Copies of your reports can be provided, at no charge, up to six years after the calibration.

Contact us today and experience a real difference in Dimensional Calibration.