Calibration Management Program

Hagan Instruments Legacy Support

If it’s Hagan support you need there is only one choice that represents the best. The first Ring Balance meter was built in Chicago in 1940. The Ring Balance design was purchased by The Hagan Instrument Company, which was purchased by Westinghouse in 1963. In 1997, Siemens acquired this division of Westinghouse and moved the Ring Balance Meter manufacturing to Oakdale, PA. Process Instruments purchased the Ring Balance line from Siemens in 1999, and to this day Process Instruments maintains a Hagan Ring Balance archive which includes specs for every meter built, repair and calibration services. Process Instruments also provides replacement parts, repair and technical support for Ring Balance meters and related products.
To keep plants running smoothly, to maintain compliance with quality controls, to minimize down time and maximize efficiency, Process Instruments offers periodic maintenance and calibration service to Ring Balance Meters. By providing recurring service, field engineers develop a detailed knowledge of a customer’s controls, and can respond expertly to any control problem that might arise. Service engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the company’s full resources are at their disposal to insure that critical processes are kept operating. We are in possession of the archive files so that information can be obtained by your meter’s serial number.