Calibration Management Program

Resistance Calibration

Among the finest in the world, Process Instruments’ Resistance Calibration capabilities span the range from less than 100 microhms to greater than 10 teraohms all with extremely low uncertainties. Traceability is maintained by cycling several Thomas-type one ohm, 10k ohm and 1 gigaohm standards through NIST on a rotating basis. System integrity is maintained by validating the Measurements International bridges with Hamon Transfer Standards. For resistance calibrations above 10 megaohm Process Instruments utilizes a guarded dual-source bridge nearly identical in construction to the systems used at NIST. This methodology provides our customers the ability to maintain very low uncertainties.
Services also include the ability to determine the barometric effect on standard resistors at various temperatures. Other special testing is available on request.
The Process Instruments’ resistance laboratory has been featured on the cover of CalLab Magazine and unlike with national labs customers get rapid turnaround with better than competitive pricing.
Join Resistance Calibration customers including Fluke, Boeing, Honeywell, Intel, Litton, USAirways, Tegam, Belden, Cessna, Chrysler, Lucent, HP, Motorola, Siemens, and several branches of the US military and government.